June 11, 2013


We have a new Sims site, Sa-Sims-Suseso.  Let me be among the first to welcome you Manav, I look forward to seeing all that you have to offer.  
I have recolored all of Manay's new meshes, as a rule I don't include brand new meshes in my zip. The good news is you all get to check out this new site.  Here's the link to Sa-Sims-Suseso ......Hey, don't forget these recolors!

There are 3 recolors of the table (master mesh) and coffee table (slave), all recolors are shown in the pics below.
All recolors pictured are included in the zip.

I must give you all close up pics of the paper bag...

....And, last but not least Tinkle's Verona Clipped Print recolors, mesh is included.
(all poster recolors pictured above are included)

Thanks to both Designers!!

May 07, 2013

Indoor/Outdoor Dining

Ready for Summer?  I have some wonderful colors for your summer decorating projects.  
This projects was made possible by the following creators:

Mustluvcatz (aka MLC) - Without MLC's help this set would not have been possible.  She came to my rescue when I could not figure out how to make a mesh recolorable.  We have come to know that when MLC creates a mesh it is of high quality and low poly and this was no exception.  Not only did she make this mesh recolorable but she completely fixed this mesh to bring it up to her standards.  If you have not visited her site, you should...here's a link.

  Thank You MLC!!

Anye - Industrial Painting.  Includes mesh and picture recolors in the preview pics.  
By the way, have you all seen Anye's newest set, Rowan Dining?   
Check it out here.

Lee Hee
- Curio Painting (mesh included)

Mummy Sims - Cynthia's Dining Table (mesh included)

Sims In Paris - Kitchen 4 Bar Chair (mesh included)

Wall Sims - Seaport Chair (mesh included)

Thank you Designers!!

April 30, 2013

Pocci's Skola- Recolors

This is a happy day for Sims 2 Lovers, Pocci is back to creating for Sims 2  Of course I had to do some recolors of her newest set.  Meshes are not included, but you can get them here.  Also included are recolors of Avalon's Painting 1207, both mesh and slave are included.

 Note:  Picture Recolors in the first two pictures are included.

April 26, 2013

MOxxa - Flow Dining
Curious B's - Paola Chairs

Need I say more?  Both are designers and creators.  Both have converted Sims 3 cc's to Sims 2 for our pleasure.  Both are extremely talented.  And for this Ladies....Thank You Very Much!!

Moxxa converted the Flow Dining created by Sims 3 creator Greennoodle.  Included are recolors of the chair and both tables in white and *Latia wood.   Meshes are not included, grab them here.

Curious B converted Awe Sims' awesome Paola Set.  Chair mesh is included, for the entire set download here.

Pilar's large painting, mesh included.

*A special Thank You to Goat for her fantastic Latia Wood texture.

April 21, 2013

Zeus' -  Country Living Chair Recolors

I picked this set up back in September and totally forgot about it until someone was searching for the curtain that's included in this set.  So I fired up SimPE and did a few recolors, hope you can use these in your decor.  I wish I could provide a link but was unable to find the site...if anyone has a link please let me know.  Mesh is included.

March 29, 2013

Happy Easter!!!

Huge Lunatic - Madrid Dining Recolors

Recolors included are two table/sideboard and eight chair recolors, including chairs pictured in first two pictures.  Chairs in the first picture are two different recolors.....

......also included is a mural using Mira's Talido backsplash.
Note:  Two files were used to make this mural.
All meshes included

March 22, 2013

Steffor's Bois Painting Recolors
Mesh Included