June 11, 2013


We have a new Sims site, Sa-Sims-Suseso.  Let me be among the first to welcome you Manav, I look forward to seeing all that you have to offer.  
I have recolored all of Manay's new meshes, as a rule I don't include brand new meshes in my zip. The good news is you all get to check out this new site.  Here's the link to Sa-Sims-Suseso ......Hey, don't forget these recolors!

There are 3 recolors of the table (master mesh) and coffee table (slave), all recolors are shown in the pics below.
All recolors pictured are included in the zip.

I must give you all close up pics of the paper bag...

....And, last but not least Tinkle's Verona Clipped Print recolors, mesh is included.
(all poster recolors pictured above are included)

Thanks to both Designers!!

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  1. Thanks for your great recolor sweetie! ♥